What We Do:

  • We LISTEN to your goals for downsizing

  • Help plan your new space, whether it's one room or many rooms

  • Help you decide what to move and not to move

  • Help you preserve precious photos & documents and safely dispose of what you no longer need

  • Manage the sale & donation of items you are not moving

  • Manage your actual move

  • Get you comfortably set up in your new space-- whether it's a Senior Living Community, Assisted Living, a condo or even a room at your adult child's home

How We Do It:

  • With love! It's downsizing without the drama

  • And with an interactive tool so you can SEE how everything will fit

  • We also have a proven method for guiding you on what to sell and what to give away

  • Plus our pros help to get things moved, sold or donated

  • Lastly, we use our understanding of YOUR needs & tastes to get you settled in your new space, feeling right at home, right away

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