Our Commitment to our Clients

Your health & safety is our #1 goal. 

With the spread of coronavirus disease in recent weeks, all Linda’s Daughter staff members are required to follow these guidelines to keep our clients & staff healthy and safe. 


  • The morning of a scheduled sorting/packing/unpacking/settle-in session, staff must take their temperature. If they have a fever (temp over 99.5) , they must stay home.


  • Staff will wash hands often.  Use soap & water. Wash for 30 seconds . If soap & water are not available, staff will use the “90%” hand sanitizer provided.


  • When you arrive at a client’s home, wash your gloved hands immediately and then once each hour.  Anne will set an alarm to remind you.


  • Staff is not to not touch their face, including eyes.


  • Staff will cover coughs or sneezes with a tissue and put it in the trash. If a tissue is not available, staff is to cough or sneeze into their elbow (not hands) and turn away from any people nearby.


  • We are temporarily pausing hand shaking with all clients, colleagues and guests until further notice. While this is difficult in a supportive community like ours, a wave, a bow, a smile, placing hands over heart or whatever feels authentic to you will help convey your feelings.


  • If a staff member is feeling sick, they must stay home from work.


  • Staff will immediately notify Anne if they were exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 or to someone who is in quarantine due to possible contact with someone with COVID-19.  


  • Staff must use gloves & masks provided. Masks must cover staff's nose and mouth at all times.


  • Staff will clean and disinfect surfaces often. Using the bleach-wipes, wipe down surfaces, etc. they touch. Let completely dry.

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